Welcome to AVEnTOURS, where you will find the best bird-watching adventures, naturalist and cultural history expeditions in Costa Rica. Our goal is reflected in our name which means "Birds -n- Tours".

Our tour company is operated by nature lovers who love Costa Rica. We are a small company whose single goal is to introduce you to the world of Costa Rica - the people, the geography, the nature, and the birds.

We do not seek to make gargantuan profits nor herd you with throngs of others.


Our goal is simple: to use our 17 years of experience in tourism to provide you with a tour that has excellent value and individual attention. We are intimately familiar with the hotels, sights and nature of Costa Rica.

You are our most important goal. We seek you not only as a client but as a lifelong friend.

Take a look at what we offer as we believe it to be unique, conscientious, and memorable We are certain you will love Costa Rica as much as we do.